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Discover Our Incredible Fish Inspired Shirts


We stock a wide range of the most popular and exotic fish species designs across freshwater and marine life.

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The Mahi-Mahi

The Mahi-Mahi is a striking exotic looking fish with its blend of green, gold, and blue shades. Commonly known as the Dorado or Dolphin fish, the Mahi-Mahi is characterized by its bright colors, large size and curved head. Found in warm offshore waters, the Mahi-Mahi can reach up to 34 lbs; however, larger fish have been recorded. These marine beauties are known speedsters able to move at more than 55 mph. The Mahi-Mahi lives up to its name, which means “strong” in Hawaiian- A truly represented by our colorful Mahi-Mahi shirts!      ORDER

Tarpon Front


The Tarpon is a glistening silverfish with superior color vision. It inhabits the tropical waters of the Gulf of Florida and the West Indies. As the Tarpon matures, it becomes a predatory fish feeding on shrimp, crab, and sardines. When fishing for Tarpon, you will be put to the test! These powerful fish can breathe out of the water and reach a whopping 7.2 ft making for a real fight when hooked!      ORDER

Red Snapper Front

Red Snapper

Red Snappers are always in high demand and easily distinguished by their glistening red scales and large size. The Red Snapper, also referred to as the Mexican Red Snapper, is found along the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This reef-dwelling fish grows to an impressive 50 lbs and can reach 50 years in age. Owing to conservation efforts, the Red Snapper populations have continued to grow and thrive and make for a diverse catch.      ORDER

Small Mouth Bass Shirt

Small Mouth Bass

The Small Mouth Bass is a feisty freshwater fish with incredible strength and fight, almost matching the Large Mouth. Commonly known as smallies, female small mouths live longer and grow considerably larger than the male counterpart. Small Mouth Bass will continue to grow throughout their life with a natural fade in their sidelines. Check out our representation of the Small Mouth Bass in our Shop.      ORDER

Peacock Bass Front

Peacock Bass

The Peacock Bass is a large Cichlid and found across Central and South America. As one of the oldest fish species introduced to Florida in 1984, it has become a prize capture that is generally 15 lbs but can reach up to 25 lbs. We chose the Cichla Ocellaris for our representation, because of the beautiful gold and copper tones. Check it out in our Shop!      ORDER

Large Mouth Bass Front

Large Mouth Bass

The Large Mouth Bass is a common prize fish across the United States. It is commonly found in lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. These unique fish possess striped flanks and is a green to silver shade with dark blotches. Considered the Mighty Large Mouth, most fishing enthusiasts enjoy the catch and release of these magnificent fish. The Large Mouth makes for an exciting addition to our fish-inspired shirts!      ORDER

Striper Front

Striped Bass

Represent your love for the Striped Bass with our dedicated short and long-sleeved shirts. The Striped Bass, also known as striper or rockfish, boast a shimmering silver body that glistens when above water. This coastal species is predominantly found in brackish water, lakes, and rivers, and is known to reach a weight of 70 lbs. These behemoths can grow up to 50 inches and live for 20 years. We love Striped Bass here at Fishbax!      ORDER

Crappie Front


The Crappie is an impressive little silver fish identifiable by its spots and golden tinge. This interesting species is part of the sunfish family and is commonly found in Canada and the Lower 48 states. Crappies grow to approximately 12 inches and weigh in at about 1 lb. Recognized as one of the best “family fish”, be sure to make the tiny silver fish a part of your next fishing adventure.      ORDER

Black Sea Bass Front

Black Sea Bass

The dark shade and charcoal scales of the Black Sea Bass are sure to capture your attention, whether above or below water. With its habitat extending from Maine to Northeast Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, these curious fish spend their time dwelling along reefs and jetties. Black Sea Bass can reach an average of 20 lbs and 20 inches in length, making for a great catch!      ORDER

Rainbow Trout Front

Rainbow Trout

Brilliant silver, pink and green iridescence with a black-spotted body defines the beauty of the Rainbow Trout. At Fishbax, we have included the Rainbow Trout in our listing because of its appeal and its popularity as a game fish. The Rainbow Trout is found across Northern America and is a favorite of fly-fishing anglers!      ORDER

Brook Trout Shirt

Brook Trout

The Brook Trout is a freshwater fish residing in the Northeastern United States and Canada with appearances across Asia, Europe and Iceland. Brook Trout are identified by its luminous orange coloration and speckled body. Also known as the spotted and mud trout, this species is considered invasive in many regions and often freely available for fishing. Show your love for the Brook Trout with our colorful Brook Trout-inspired shirts!      ORDER

Blue Marlin Front

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is considered royalty in the ocean! This powerful fish, with its sword-like bill, is found across the Atlantic Ocean, and is considered the ultimate prize catch of the sea. Females grow to an impressive 134 lbs while males can reach up to 97 lbs. Our list would certainly be incomplete without the addition of the striking Blue Marlin! Check out our representation in our Shop!      ORDER

Brown Trout Front

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is native to Russia, Norway, and North African countries. However since 1883, this species can be found across the United States. Its spotted pattern is typical of trout, and is complemented by hues of gold, brown and caramel. A popular addition as a game fish, be sure to make a statement with our Brown Trout-inspired shirt!      ORDER