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Thanks for the socks and the ties and the cologne. I really don’t want underwear, I want a FISHBAX Shirt!

I’m so happy I could just eat…

We wanted to tell you that we did a massive survey of what men want for gifts. We didn’t have one, so, we made one up.  This is pure fantasy designed by us at Fishbax! to enlighten you to the possibility of giving your Dad, your Brother, Grandpa, Uncle Willie or the old man down the street something that they want, rather than what you think they might want!

And, really, isn’t it just lazy most of the time? You go in the store to do your shopping and there they are, the wallets, the ties, the socks and fancy underwear.  It’s just easier to buy them and pretend that they’ll like it.  And, they’ll be nice and smile like the guy up above but deep down in the very core of their whole soul and being, all they really wanted was a Fishbax! Shirt! 

You know that 100% of the men surveyed (All of us here at Fishbax! of course) said that without a doubt and without hesitation that a Fishbax! Shirt is the one thing they hope to get on the next holiday or birthday.

Do you know someone who loves fishing?  A Fishbax! Shirt is an uncommon gift.  Not only are they really cool conversation starters they are comfortable as all hell!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to have to mess around with figuring out what I want to wear so I end up wearing my favorite shirts most of the time.  I will put on a tie for a wedding or a funeral but, every other day I just want to be comfortable and feel good about my body.  If my shirt is too tight around my belly I have to hold my stomach in or just don’t care what anyone thinks.

it is a fundamental fact that NOW is the time to get a FISHBAX! Shirt.  NOW!  It’s a new idea!  Something never done before and they are fun!

So, get up and get over to Fishbax Apparel today! and get your favorite guy(s) or girl(s) or kids or if you like to dress up your dog, a Fishbax Shirt!  Hey, cats really like fish, get your cat a shirt!, or get a shirt that you wear to entertain your cat.  (It’s not our fault if the cat decided to try and eat you)

This shameless rambling is brought to you by #FishbaxBaby!

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