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About How we got started

Why Us

Fishbax is all about quality, comfort and looking good! Our all-American product delivers on its promise to provide you with the durability you need packaged in a stylish design.

Our uniquely designed apparel is created for the avid angler interested in a long-lasting garment offering comfort and freedom of movement. Every shirt is 100% authentic and made in the USA.

We have discovered just what you need to brave the open waters and incorporated high-quality features in our exclusive range of performance apparel. Our Fishbax shirts consist of 100% polyester providing superior UV resistance, preventing fade, and protecting against rapid wear and tear. It is lightweight, ensuring you keep cool and dry in all conditions. 

Our shirts consist of actual patterns from real fish. Discover the strength of the bass, the boldness of the red snapper and the uniqueness of the rainbow trout across our variety of short and long-sleeved fish-inspired designs!

For both the inland and coastal angler, choose Fishbax for affordable, stylish, and durable gear.

The Crappies were hot and we burned through all our lures.
Made in the USA

The picture above was taken at the end of September 2018. The Crappies were hot and we burned through all our lures. The next day we went to a local fishing shop and we noticed a huge Blue Marlin mounted on the wall. Below the Marlin, we noticed T SHIRTS!

The epiphany struck “FISHBAX”, now what?

Through extensive research and countless hours of hard work we were able to find all the components need to make our vision come true. Fishbax now offers to the world the ultimate in performance and comfort, with this visually exclusive fishing apparel!

Angler with Fish
Waves Crashing Behind a Boat
2 Anglers with Fish
Angler with a Fish